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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dear Heppy
a couple weeks back one Nomad asked me how i'm dealing with it (meaning you)
so i've been thinking on what it is that i do to deal with you
the recipe consists of a few ingredients
a pinch of denial - as in not allowing myself to fully realize the scope of things as it may become too overwhelming, it's more like being a spectator in a cinema watching a horror movie while munching on popcorn and sipping coke (both not advisable if infected with you)
buckets of knowledge and information - most crucial ingredient required for the concoction to be successful, hours of daily poring through information, studies, research papers, forum posts, blogs and it's still not enough, the more the better, because information is a powerful tool and weapon against you and a huge soothing tranquilizer for the mind too
daily load of acceptance - kicking up tantrums styled on 'why me?', 'why now?', 'why you?' are not in any way constructive, this is what it is, sitting and feeling sorry for myself won't solve anything, neither sweeping under the carpet would make anything go away, as they say 'shit happens', you are the cards that i've been dealt with so might as well play them as best as i can, everyone dies - each new day could be the last anyway so why worry? at least you are slow unlike cancer and you give your opponents lots of time for the fight, which i think is very nice of you as things could have been so much worse
constant supply of hope - life without hope is nothing, without it might as well pick a coffin and lay in it, as long as there's hope there's future
heaps of humour - laughter and jokes make dint in seriousness, raise endorphins, strengthen immune system and make life sweeter and happier
a ton of Nomadic support - nobody understands you better then those who have or have had you
that's all it takes to be able to get up each day, to move on and be ready to look into the future and whatever it may bring
there are of course dark days, anxiety days, rough days, crap days, sad days, good days, fantastic days and happy days, but that's nothing different from the days that life serves anyway, the only difference is you truly spice it up, magnify it, enhance it, give it an edge, give it a purpose and grace it with appreciation of how beautiful it can be even when things get very murky
why? because nothing lasts for ever Dear Heppy, neither will you even if it means over my dead body

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