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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Letter Campaign

Dear Heppy
i'm afraid you're not gonna be happy with what i'm just about to tell you
some three weeks ago i've embarked on a seemingly crazy mission of writing a seemingly innocent enough letter with a few questions regarding treatment protocols and sending it off to six out of seven hepatology clinics in the country
when i was sending those letters on their, what i had thought, mission impossible i never really expected to receive any response although quietly i was hoping for one, but not two weeks went by and i got it
i was so happy and overjoyed because the answers have lifted the veil off of the unknown for me and i was glad i could relax and refocus while awaiting for my 1st appointment
finally i knew what rules of the game to expect
and it could've been just that
but the following day i had received an email from another clinic asking for my phone number, because they wanted to contact me and discuss things
what a joy right?
not only that, the very same day i found a thin brown envelope in the mail box, i knew something was up, i opened it trembling with excitement and there without beating about the bush i had an actual appointment date for the hospital in Kilkenny in my hand
you couldn't imagine the emotions and thoughts that raced through my head at that moment
utter disbelief i got replies flowing in, shock at getting way more than i had bargained for, overflow of the joy how things started working out, good dose of panic about making right choice, huge excitement of the prospect of getting treatment and boundless gratitude for generosity that universe offers me
even for a good while i got confused as to the date, i could see september on it but it took me a bit to fully realize that the 8th is actually only week away!
so Dear Heppy if nothing forbids i will be going to my first appointment in one weeks time
two months sooner than we both had thought
i am over the moon while i guess you may not be so much so... don't blame ya, life sometimes does suck
just like i got bad news once i think it's ok for you get some sometime too
so we're even in that department
and maybe much much closer to standing head to head in the fighting ring
start getting your gloves ready Dear Heppy because sooner or later i'm coming to get you

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