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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chain of Events

Dear Heppy
do you believe that all things happen for a reason?
i do
sometimes things that happen don't seem to be good at first but as the time goes and more things happen in follow up then the previous ones only become positive and make sense in retrospective
it has happened to me so many times that although sometimes i may moan about the current situation in the end i know somewhere deep down this is all happening for the best or for a better reason
that's what happened with you Dear Heppy and it's been the most amazing chain of events ever
if i had no PCOS i wouldn't have thought i was feeling bad for any other reason than that
if i hadn't been feeling bad i wouldn't have gone to a doctor while i was visiting my mother abroad
if i hadn't have gone to a doctor i wouldn't have had an ultrasound of ovaries
if i hadn't have had the ultrasound a large cyst wouldn't have been discovered
if it hadn't been discovered i wouldn't have been referred to a gynecologist in ireland once back home
if i hadn't been referred i wouldn't have gone only to have a chat with her and no follow up to my cyst
if i had had the follow up i would've found out that the cyst had spontaneously reabsorbed
if i had found that out i wouldn't have gone back to my mother's with intention of surgical removal of the cyst
if i wouldn't have gone thinking the cyst had been still there i wouldn't have had all the standard pre-op blood tests done
if i hadn't have them done i wouldn't have hcv antibody test done
if the hcv test result had been ready before the time i had the appointment with the gyno i wouldn't have understood its importance
if that hcv test hadn't been faxed over to the gyno's office once the results had been ready the doctor wouldn't have called me next day in the morning to tell me my hcv antibodies had been positive and what it meant
if she hadn't rang me and told me who to go to next i wouldn't have known what to do myself
if the microbiologist who i was referred by the gyno doc to had run the once a week PCR test on monday as he usually did i wouldn't have had my viral load test result 2 days later
if i hadn't that result i wouldn't have gone to have liver function tests and ultrasound done
if i hadn't have had them done i wouldn't have had anything to go with to a consultation with a hepatologist
if i hadn't gone to the hepatologist i wouldn't have known where i stood with you at all and wouldn't have been advised to test for hep A&B antibodies
if i hadn't tested for them i wouldn't have known if i should vaccinate
if i didn't know if to vaccinate i wouldn't have started the 3 round vaccination course there and then
back in ireland if i hadn't all those results i wouldn't have been referred to an irish hepatologist
if i had not been unemployed i couldn't have applied for medical card
if i had not got a note about my hcv from my GP to social welfare officer i wouldn't have gotten the full medical cover due to nature of how system in here works
if i hadn't been granted full medical card i wouldn't be able to afford treatment
if i wouldn't be able to afford treatment there would've been nothing i could do about you
if i couldn't do anything about you i could've ended up with serious health complications, liver damage, maybe cirrhosis, in result liver failure and death
if so many things hadn't have happened in this mind blowing synchronization as they had i wouldn't have been where i am now
waiting for another link of the chain to add to this string
and also if you never have happened to me i wouldn't have been able to wake up and come to appreciate every single moment of my life and for that i thank you Dear Heppy

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eva said...

have been reading your Blog Anna - good for you and you have some interesting takes on things.... as long as you keep your creativity and spirit nourished, you will have resources for this fight. xxx eva