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Friday, August 6, 2010

Enter the Dragon

Dear Heppy
for some reason HepC people call you dragon
dragons are magnificent and beautiful creatures and i can't seem to be able to see you in depreciating light because of that mental picture that i have
they often use phrase 'slaying the dragon' and it makes me cringe because it sounds so demeaning, so disrespectful as if they were chopping up a mere cow at a slaughter house
as a dragon that you are you deserve respect and a proper evaluation of your true potential such as
fierceness - you replicate and mutate with amazing speed
jealousy - liver is your treasure and you guard it with all your strength
resilience - you can survive for a very long time in adverse environment
greediness - you devour and destroy cells blindly not thinking one day the hand that's feeding you might run out of resources bringing you doom in result
vanity - you think only of yourself and your well being
arrogance - you laugh in the face of humans and their attempts to eradicate you
beauty - you are state of the art, so tiny, so powerful, so efficient, so simple yet so dangerous
can't help but admire and respect you but that's where it ends
see that tattoo on my shoulder?
it's a sign of a dragon as i'm a dragon myself
born in its year with double fire aspect
i too am fierce - i will fight till the last drop
jealous - i don't like sharing what's mine with others
resilient - whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger
greedy - the less of you the better
vain - i deserve my freedom
arrogant - i like to think your own arrogance will be your downfall
beautiful - as a human i am state of the art too, so big, so powerful, so efficient, so complicated yet so dangerous
so as you can see we've exactly the same qualities that make us equal
a dragon against a dragon
most spectacular fight of all times
can't wait!

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