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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dear Heppy

it's so strange to be writing to my own enemy but as Sun-Tzu said - keep your friends close but enemies closer...
so let's get to know each other better
well by now you know me well enough anyway, you've been a secret agent working undercover for a good while haven't you? how long is it now 30 years? sure you have a lot of experience and intel on me, you've made yourself very comfy haven't you?
i suppose you never thought your identity would get discovered but it did, yet only two months ago
you've had long years to do your thing while i've only started getting to know you very recently
in a way i understand this is your job and you simply do what you are meant to do - find a host, settle in their liver and replicate, that's only natural thing to do, everyone wants to live, prosper and continue on through populating so i don't blame you at all
i don't even feel any grudge towards getting you because you came in a blood that had saved my life years ago but the problem is although our goals are the same you stand in the way of my well being
you might ask what gives me the right to wish upon your demise, thus god created everything equal right? but it's also way of nature for species to compete for survival and that's what i need to do, fight for my right to live on
you're tough buddy in your own right anyway even though you're so tiny tiny yet this and your numbers are your strengths so i'd say this confrontation is fairly equal and you shouldn't complain as you got a good headstart anyway and i need to work hard to catch up with my own preparations for the battle against you
it's going to be a long campaign
a very long countdown consisting of series of smaller countdowns towards each goal or mile stone that will mark my moving closer to trying myself against you
we both have chances of winning or losing at the end of it
let's begin then shall we?
may the best win

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