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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dear Heppy
sorry i haven't been writing lately but still there's no news of any kind to break,
it's been more than 2 weeks now since my biopsy and so far i haven't heard anything from hospital yet,
if i don't get a phone call or a letter by next wednesday i'll get in contact with them myself to find out what the story is and then i'll let you know,
on one hand days are busy and filled with various activities but on the other when i do mental checks on calendar, dates seem to be shifting very slowly, very strange thing that time relativity and waiting,
waiting can be truly tiring and exhausting,
and i don't wait as much for what my results are but for the results themselves because they are my ticket to a consultation visit and what i'm waiting for most is to find out if i am going to have treatment or not as i will not relax about it until i know for certain
i want to know if our blood sport tournament is going to be on

1 comment:

altair said...

Great blog, congratulations!

Hope you receive your results soon, I'm sure everything will be ok :)

Keep writing your letters, I'll drop by from time to time to see how it goes ;)

Good luck!