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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Interactive Games

Dear Heppy
i thought it a funny idea to get a bit playful and to make a poll on what my liver biopsy result score is going to be
since i've no idea how long you really have been with me then i don't know how much damage you may have done
i've been drinking heavily for more than good 5 years in total - we're talking a bottle of wine, martini or vodka every evening for months on end
total extensive alcohol use would be roughly 10 years altogether
what else have we got?
about 25 years of binge eating with huge overdose of sugar and sweets of all sorts
about 23 years of being overweight, of which 3 obese
god only knows how i managed to avoid diabetes for so long
on the other hand my bloods are very good, LFTs within norm, ultrasound says liver is ok and not inflamed
so it's really a tough call, a big unknown, it could be anything
the more fun it would be to play a bit of liver bx lotto - wouldn't it?
is my liver going to be unscathed after all the abuse?
is all that i've done to it and what you've done to it had effect and is slowly destroying it?
or is it already too late and the damage is done beyond point of return?
let's find out Dear Heppy shall we?
let's see what others think
may the fun begin! - vote casting machine is available on the right side bar till the end of october
happy voting!

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