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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Poke'mon Liver

Dear Heppy
last wednesday i have had my liver biopsy done,
i was admitted into day ward at 9am,
around 9.30 i was seen by a young doctor who explained the procedure  to me once again along with possible risks, she answered a few of my questions, i signed consent form and she fitted me with a cannula,
a bit after 10am i was changed into hospital gown, given 10mg valium and ushered downstairs to x-ray department,
valium did its trick and i snoozed away on the corridor while waiting for biopsy,
i don't know how long i slept for, possibly more than 30 mins,
nurse specialist no2 came to wake me up and to wheel me in,
i was in good spirit and found it very comforting that the nurse and the radiologist had been chatting in a relaxed way about their respective families as if they were best friends, maybe they were and for some reason i found it mesmerising just listening to them chirping away while i watched radiologist putting the gown and gloves on and preparing instruments,
with expertise she quickly located my liver with ultrasound machine, placed the X mark and loaded up syringe with anesthetic,
that was the bit i was most afraid of but the nurse skillfully distracted me with questions about our dogs, no idea how she knew it was the best topic she could've picked but of course it worked,
i could feel something going on at the side of my ribcage but being unable to concentrate on two things at the same time and doped up with valium i had to direct all my mental forces towards the conversation, so much so i didn't even register when the actual biopsy took place, i made it just to see radiologist emptying the big needle into plastic container and register time on the clock - 11:10am
almost instantly i started feeling pain creeping into my right shoulder and in the side, it slowly grew from noticeable to very annoying and uncomfortable,
thankfully i was given a shot to kill the pain and i drifted off to sleep,
for the first hour my blood pressure was taken every 15 min, then every 30 min and finally on hourly basis,
2hrs after biopsy at 1.30pm i was given a small cup of water, i thought i would throw myself at it after hours of not being allowed to drink anything but i was fine enough only to sip a little bit,
after another 2hrs at 3.30pm i'd been given a sandwich with tea and allowed to get up to use the bathroom,
the pain has returned but it was nothing as it had been in the beginning and there was no need for more painkillers,
at 6.30pm the doctor came back to see me and officially discharge me,
they were very happy with my recovery and so was i with care that i'd been given,
everyone was extremely nice, patient and kind to me, i couldn't thank them all enough,
on that wednesday morning i walked in there terrified and wringing my wrists with anxiety but i walked out of there in the evening relaxed and happy with wonderful experience and memory of exciting adventure that it had been,
i was told results would be in around 2 - 3 weeks either given on the phone or explained at the visit with the consultant,
i'm not afraid anymore
i'm not even impatient for the results
all i can think of is the next step - meeting up with the consultant and if he agrees to release the weapons to me so i could use them against you Dear Heppy,
currently, apart from winning lotto, there's nothing more i would love to get in my life than this

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