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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scar Tissue

Dear Heppy
my upcoming biopsy is meant to reveal how much damage you've made within my liver,
but technically it's a false statement which has been a shock for me to discover a while back,
it's not you who kills off liver - it's the very own immune system that does it,
regardless if you leave liver cells after replication by bursting membranes or by sliding out the attacked cells push their panic buttons calling for help,
cytokines like police squad arrive to asses the situation then call on for anti-terrorist reinforcements of leukocytes which in turn like a proper squad would, for the safety of all civilians they request to block off the affected sector and this job is done by liver's local stellate cells that lay down layers of collagen to separate the attacked cluster of cells from other healthy ones,
that very collagen is the essence of fibrosis,
it cuts off everything not to let contamination get out but it also prevents delivery of oxygen and nutrients from getting in,
the collagen cocooned cells are sentenced to death by starvation and suffocation for the benefit and safety of everyone else in the liver,
it wouldn't be that bad but this process is constant, never ending, never stopping, slowly there are more cut off dead and dying cells than there are new ones being produced or collagen removed once state of high alert is called off,
bit by bit damage overcomes regeneration rate,
it takes years, many years - at least 20 on average, sometimes even much more before fibrosis turns into cirrhosis - a scarring so severe it's beyond amazing ability of liver to repair itself but still it is able to function even if only 10% of its original capacity remains but when that goes as well then only liver transplant option remains...
so the truth is you are not as vicious Dear Heppy, you don't mean to damage anything intentionally, like a parasite you just want to hijack a bit of this and that to make your life more prosperous but even though you do your best to be as quiet about it as possible you do trigger alarm bells and immune system in its being thorough and zealous over reacts in the use of protective measures causing damage to its own master and draws all attention and finger of accusation towards you,
if it wasn't for that little detail Dear Heppy maybe you could have a chance for living in symbiosis just like other 'good bacteria' do but you haven't perfected it yet and for that reason i'm afraid you have to go,
i'm sorry but even though it's not your fault directly, you have to be cut out so my own immune system didn't cut off my liver
it's gotta be one or the other - unfortunately there can be no compromise

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sdh said...

Liver transplantation is an option a last resort to cope with the level of regeneration of liver damage little by little, the average needed to overcome it takes years and sometimes more than that before fibrosis to cirrhosis. Thank you.