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Monday, November 1, 2010

Doctor Holiday

Dear Heppy
as told by nurse specialist at the day of my biopsy i'd been waiting for three weeks
every day i'd go to the post box with renewed hope to find a letter from kilkenny hospital addressed to me,
i would have been most hopeful on mondays because maybe the letter was supposed to be just in but it got stuck on friday to have a weekend break,
then fridays had been the worst especially if the box was totally empty because then i knew i'd have to wait till monday again...
finally long three weeks had passed and i picked up the phone receiver to remind them about my existence,
i spoke with nurse no1 - noreen,
good news is they didn't forget about me, i didn't get lost in the system or brushed aside or put on hold,
another good thing is that each biopsy result has to be authorised by two pathologists, it means they are aware that singular evaluation may become flawed due to subjective nature of scoring system and they want to avoid that therefore two heads are better than one and are more able to come up with middle ground closer to factual state of things,
but the bad news is one of those pathologic heads is currently on holidays that's why my results are still not in as they're pending for second authorisation,
noreen was unable to tell me when the results could be expected but to soften the blow she told me my appointment with consultant is scheduled for 25th of november and i will be receiving confirmation in the post,
oh Dear Heppy this was the bit of news i was really waiting for all this time, a bit miffed it's nearly all 24 long days away but very happy to have concrete date to countdown to!
i couldn't help being cunning too because i asked if i'd be seeing the consultant at the hepatology unit or in the outpatient clinic - noreen confirmed the latter which means upon arrival at the reception i will be issued my file to carry upstairs and then i will be able to complete my unfinished work and take pictures of my remaining blood results, the chance i had been so brutally deprived of at the day of my biopsy,
so we have had another little leap forward Dear Heppy,
now again there's nothing else to do but wait,
can you feel that silent excited tension slowly building up?
we are getting closer to the day of truth when future of our lives will be decided,
can't wait!
ps. the voting for bx results poll has been prolonged until 2nd of dec

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John Doe said...

Hi Anna
Seems like all we do is wait for this dam virus, wishing you good results there kido...