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Monday, September 27, 2010

Phone Call

Dear Heppy
so far things seem not to be going according to the primary plan whatsoever
first i was given appointment date that didn't get a chance to happen because it came to be sooner
then i was given rough outline for biopsy date in another four months and it too won't have a chance to happen as it will come much, much sooner
at the sooner appointment i was told that i'd be contacted within seven days with exact date of biopsy and i was fine with that
seven days had passed but no news came...
i am impatient
i worry a lot
i am neurotic
i like things to work out perfect if possible
i like people to stick to the words they say
but i understand that another human factor which very rarely can be relied on has to be taken into account and that can't be helped
so i allowed for another seven days to pass
and they did and it was enough then, i picked up the receiver and dialed
this time i spoke to a different nurse specialist who floored and shocked me positively by announcing i could have my biopsy on 6th of october which is in less than two weeks!
of course i agreed extremely happy and grateful for such turn of events
just imagine Dear Heppy with only one phone call my waiting time has been cut down from four months to less than two weeks - so far kilkenny looks like an amazing sort of time warp zone, long may it continue
of course i wondered for a few seconds would they have ever rung and would have i been left to wait for long had i not done it first myself but better not to question luck too much right?
it's all brilliant as it is
this friday i need to go over there to have my bloods taken before the biopsy, main reason being that with increasing liver damage level of platelets gets lower and that affects and slows time of blood clotting which may lead to risk of internal bleeding after the puncture is performed and can be a very dangerous complication, so they need to know if it's safe to jab me in between the ribs or if they'd have to go in through the vein in my neck
by the look of my last results for platelets i should be fine plus i'm on vit K2 which promotes clotting although i take it for its anti IR properties
if things keep happening the way they are, my Dear Heppy we may cross our swords before this year is out or just as we step into 2011
i don't know why but this number looks absolutely perfect and fitting for waging out a war
don't you think?

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