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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breaking News

Dear Heppy
i have some good and bad news for you
bad news is i will be getting treatment
the good news is i will have to wait for about 6 months before it starts
i guess you're curious now for me to elaborate more on each, right?
the more bad news for you is that the nurse specialist i had spoken to on my visit is fantastic
she was very patient in answering all of my numerous questions and had all the time in the world for me
i was extremely happy to find out they use rescue drugs if needed so in case my bloods drop dosages won't be lowered or treatment stopped so you won't be given a chance to get a breather, instead you'll be under constant shoot out
when i need them anti depressants also will be prescribed so hopefully i won't pack in to give you chance to win just because i'd be too down or insane
they will do whatever they can to hit you hard and fast to give you least odds possible
and they will take good care of me
as you see despite lots of prior anxiety how things would work out i managed to get good team on my side to fight this war against you
the further good news is if i am a slow responder they would not extend treatment to 72 weeks so if you put up a strong fight you are in a chance of beating me in this by stripping me off my weapons
also i will have to wait for biopsy for about four months, unless i would be called in for biopsy sooner if a cancellation happens, and then another two before i could fire my guns at you so you have quite a bit of time to continue your heppy existence and plot against me
nevertheless despite securing good treatment team with good treatment plan still i know it may not be enough to win with you but it greatly increases my chances and i feel happy, excited and truly blessed i will have opportunity to use that funky weaponry against you
ultimately as statistics rightly state we both have 50% chance and our glasses are half full because i am happy, confident and empowered with what i have achieved so far to stand against you and so is yours because you are heppy, confident and empowered with what you have achieved so far in destroying my body
it's going to be a very interesting and exciting duel don't you think?

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