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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear Heppy
sometimes i think your mentality and modus operandi is so much like that of humans you reside in
you're like conquistadors flooding south america, you're like early settlers claiming virgin plains of wild wild west, you're like explorers sailing to far away and exotic lands looking for oriental spices and treasures and you're like astronauts reaching even further towards other planets and stars
syringe is like a spaceship in which you can go to new places where you could build your civilization because more often than not you're lucky, cunning and strong enough that even though upon disembarkment you are faced with indigenious hordes of white cells that like wild animals want to hunt you down and rip you apart you survive and succeed in taking over
your tactic is to dress up in protective armor made of lipids and knock on the cell doors like that of village huts looking for shelter
and once the naive docile dwellers in good faith welcome you in, you take everyone hostage by inhibiting AMP kinase and roll out your genetic laboratory to produce more, more and more of yourself, because strength is in numbers and from tentative explorer you turn into alexander the great's voracious army killing, raping, pillaging and burning down everything that is on your way
in the mean time lots of you die in the battlefield but it won't matter because by then for each fallen soldier you have two or three new ones ready to march on
you spread and spread until you take over and populate the entire universe, you travel to galaxies as distant as bone marrow, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph nodes and even brain, there's no limit, there's no stopping you
you came, you saw, you conquered
are you at all aware of effect your actions have on ecology?
do you realise that just like humans at first tentatively set out to discover new places and as their numbers and confidence rose they built cities, nations, went to war and populated the whole earth, they damaged it by their greed and exploitation to suffering point, and you do the very same thing by destroying the world you live in?
as your mother earth i'd like to say i've had enough Dear Heppy, i want to unleash biblical apocalypse upon you and send you back to hell you came from, be able to restore as much as possible and live in harmony with nature, the way it should be

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