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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Heppy
i guess you're gonna laugh your little viral ass off when i tell you what just happened today,
on 6 o'clock news they announced that outpatient clinic of st luke's hospital in kilkenny will be closed tomorrow and all the outpatient visits will be canceled,
quite disturbed by that information i rang the hospital and the lady i spoke to hadn't heard of this although i had been a 3rd person already asking her about it,
thank god she asked me for my number so she could ring me back, and she did 15 minutes later to say that she spoke to general director of the hospital who confirmed that indeed what they said on the national news was in fact true,
as you can imagine i went into convulsive shock straight away, infuriated with the way it had all happened, with the irony of my appointment getting canceled just day before and finding out about it just by pure fluke of luck - simply unbelievable!
if not for that though, i would've gone there tomorrow only to kiss the closed door and in result go on a killing spree claiming lives of at least a few innocents who would have happened to be too near me,
right now i just don't know if to laugh or cry....
so countdown as ever continues never quite reaching zero...
again another two, maybe three weeks till that elusive appointment? or maybe until after christmas??
i'm sure you're loving it Dear Heppy and having a ball of a lifetime
well enjoy then for as long as you can
because it's just a matter of time....

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