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Friday, November 19, 2010

Lucky Friday

Dear Heppy
hospital got very lucky because today i was meant to ring and chase them up about my appointment but there was no need,
today the mailbox has been very kind to me and handed over the appointment letter i had been waiting for so much,
the original date of 25th november had been crossed out and another one of 2nd of december has been hand written next to it, but that's ok it's already less than two weeks from now,
i am very excited but also increasingly anxious,
as long as i have been suspended in the limbo i had taken a sort of mental holiday but now that things are about to make another leap i am going back in the gear of mobilization and preparation for the pinnacle of the action as this will be the day when i finally find out whether i will be granted tx or not and i need to be ready to argue for it in case obtaining it won't be straightforward
it will be the last obstacle that stands between me and you Dear Heppy
the suspense is fully back on
and countdown continues

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