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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Putting Feet Up

Dear Heppy
for the past few weeks possibility of tx was still viable and i'd been siting on the fence unable to make my own decision if to purse treatment or leave it,
weight of responsibility had been too great to turn away from tx by my own doing, i wouldn't have been able not to think 'what if' but finally passage of time had mercy on me and made only one path to follow available,
with all the best intentions ladies from dublin based 'community response' kept me hanging for quite a while because they told me it was in their power to squeeze me in for a visit in less than 6 weeks, despite their efforts there was nothing they could do for me but at least i know now that general policy of tx teams in ireland is to keep those who can, waiting for new drugs to come out,
so that's it,
tx won't be happening any time soon,
nevertheless yesterday i went to my GP for a referral because i want to be seen by a specialist who has no hidden agendas and document myself with them as a hepC patient case that will be in need of follow up and attention in the future, i believe this is the best way to go about it, in case anything should start deteriorating or required and kind of intervention for whatever related reason, it will be better to already figure in the system with documented history, rather than suddenly pop out of nowhere should you wish to make things worse for me,
as my GP referred my case with label 'for a second opinion' this time i expect waiting will exceed 4 months but i don't mind that because this time i won't be waiting nervously for it to come, i have already made peace and began joining fast lane of main stream of life, refocusing on more important and immediate things to enjoy my life as it is,
i'm putting my feet up Dear Heppy ready to enjoy what happens tomorrow and it will have nothing to do with you,

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eva said...

well it's not great in terms of care and service offered to you - but at least you have some kind of a handle and as you say can be at peace with accepting the process. rather than on tenter hooks constantly. well negotiated and yes Hep C can sometimes accelerate good that you will keep monitoring liver, general symptoms etc. hoping you stay as well as possible of course. xxx eva