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Monday, February 14, 2011


Dear Heppy
every time i had been down to hospital i asked them for a print out copy of my blood results and later on biopsy result, but each time either something came up, there was no time or computer was not the right one or some other excuse,
on my latest visit i asked for the records yet again and this time i'd been told i couldn't just get them, that i had to send a request in writing to hospital's freedom of information,
so today i did just that,
i asked for the whole content of my file to be forwarded to me,
the only thing i can't really understand is - why it is such a big deal to get access to something that is so fundamentally concerning my person?
i think that this kind of information should not be withheld from anyone or made difficult to obtain when their health is involved,
but that's not the kind of world we live in, is it Dear Heppy?

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diz said...

Dear Anna, Good morning. I so much empathize with your frustration. Now a days, EVERYTHING regarding your medical records must be signed by the PATIENT. I think it's because of liability, just in case the info falls into the wrong hands. I am so with you on this red tape baloney, as it only extends our need for medical help. p.s. I love your Heppy pages and read them whenever I see you have written. Good luck. I love you, Anna. xxx