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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear Heppy
possibly you'd like to know where things are gonna go from here,
well i'll be waiting for the second opinion appointment to come, whenever that's gonna happen,
every few months i'll have a battery of blood tests to keep an eye on liver function, cholesterol, thyroid, glucose, AFP and standard FBCs,
i'll continue being plugged in to pipeline news about developments in upcoming tx drugs and looking out if any clinical trials are available in ireland with possibility of signing up as a laboratory mouse,
so as you can see it's not a total 'game over',
no, absolutely not, i'm not that kind of person,
i'm a dragon remember?
of course i'll stay in touch with you whenever i have any news,
how could i possibly forget about you and abandon my own bloody companion?
no way!
so don't worry but in the mean time my main focus and energy will be channeled into my other experimental writing project at Shaperate which you are more than welcome to visit and take part in if you like,
talk to you again Dear Heppy,

1 comment:

eva said...

very good strategy to calmly remind Heppy that you are not complacent.... great picture too!! xx eva