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Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Hot

Dear Heppy
thermogenically speaking i am hottest ever,
recently i started noticing that i need less layers of clothes, gloves have to come off more often and i keep the hat on only to protect my ears from the wind, otherwise it would be gone too,
and before you might suggest anything of sort - no, i am not undergoing any form of menopause,
my being cold all the time started sometime in my mid teens, i had to dress up like an onion (we're talking here 4 - 5 layers in winter), do a lot of physical activity to warm up a little and my hands and feet had always been painfully frozen,
i thought thyroid was to blame, i was even on thyroxine for a while but it didn't help,
so what happened? you might ask,
well i started taking vitamin D,
main reason was that it boosts immune system, by proxy has antiviral properties and as most recent studies show it aids in viral killing during tx, it also helps with insulin resistance and diabetes, joint and muscle pain, improves depression and reeves up thermogenic side of metabolism,
the actual list of what vit D could be helpful with is impressively long - click to see for yourself,
i'd been taking it for about five months now and its positive effects have crept up on me slowly as the deficiency was being gradually lessened, first my knees would stop hurting and i'd feel a bit of more mojo within but it had to take this long for the thermal effect to kick in and become noticeable,
contrary to previous belief high doses of vit D are not toxic, some 20-30 min in the sun produce a dose of around 10,000 IU and it's safe to take up to 5,000 IU daily without medical supervision,
it's shocking how many people are deficient in vit D, even those living in sunny places and currently recognized norm in fact is only high enough to prevent getting rickets but too low to cover for true body requirement,
vitamin D has changed my life around Dear Heppy,
it's made me feel sunny warm inside,

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eva said...

good day, sunshine! xx eva