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Friday, January 7, 2011

No Worries

Dear Heppy
yes i know i've been sneaky but i didn't want to jinx anything by revealing anything before it took place so i kept quiet but i can tell you now that i've finally got to get my visit with the consultant,
i got to learn the results of the liver biopsy for which i had to wait for 3 months,
was it good result?
yes and no:
YES because it turns out that my liver has no scarring whatsoever, there's only portal inflammation which is to be expected with your presence,
'it's a miracle!' i should have screamed, jumped up and rejoiced in front of the consultant, happy tears streaming down my eyes and making his day that he had another easy case patient,
but i didn't, because i couldn't believe my luck,
i couldn't believe that after 30 years you would have managed not to trigger immunological response in a form of sacrificial damage to the environment that sustains you, that actually it seems like you have worked out some sort of silent truce with immune system police and that you both coexist in peace each going about your own business without animosity, i never dared to take for granted that the german study on natural history of hcv in very young children that i wrote to you about earlier would actually apply to me,
but not only that, since early 20s for about 10+ years there had not been a day that would have gone without a bottle of alcohol in whatever form, dried to the bottom in the evening or night because sober and lonely life was not a happy party and yet it left no mark on the liver - that makes me wonder...
how is that possible??
so i sat there silent and in shock, unable to take in that this organ i never realized had been so crucial to sustain life and well being resisted everything i dished out at it with additional weight of your quiet presence and came out totally unscathed...
and here comes the flip side why it was
NOT a good result - because healthy livers with 0 fibrosis don't get treated, only cruelly lied to...
but i'll tell you about this in my next letter


eva said...

this consultant better wise up to the reality that as younger, female etc and with relativly healthy liver and other factors, you are prime cabdidate for good response to tx. and VERY ommitted. you have a right to treatment. will look out for your next post. hepc is a strange disease its impact on different people varies so so much. I send good wishes to you and your liver, and much encouragement to that vital organ to stay in its robust zone... xx eva

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