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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Money Talks

Dear Heppy
if i had a business to run i would make sure to take the best care of it,
i would put its interest in front of anything else, i wouldn't jeopardize it by being weak and soft hearted, money world is ruthless and cruel, only strong, shrewd and sensible survive, especially when recession is on the lose and budget cuts strike time after time,
if like my consultant i were director of the hospital, concerned with its financial well being and therefore its future of functioning, i wouldn't grant myself circa 20K euro hcv tx with no liver damage to show for it either, so i fully understand where he was coming from because i would've done the same if i were him, just at the time i couldn't see this clearly and couldn't see what his motive for lies and deception had been, now it all makes perfect sense though, because a number of little details didn't add up for me and it allowed me to see through very clever illusion,
like a detective i went through all the facts and found enough evidence to prove him guilty of the crime,
as a director he runs the whole performance and his hospital is spotless, modern and breathtaking,
his staff is professional, competent and outstandingly caring and friendly,
his tx nurses independently of one another have been consistent with answers to my questions and especially a few times they mentioned things of their own accord that are spot on when it comes to how tx protocol should be carried out which had been the main reason for my decision to go with this team and not any other,
a consultant that is a mentor to a group of nurses that are highly well informed on hcv tx cannot be as misinformed about the svr numbers as he had presented,
a consultant that is a chairman of the hepatitis consultative council cannot really believe that gender, age and health are not viable factors to svr rate
a consultant that runs a bloody good hospital has to have his head well screwed on, has to be quick thinking, has to be a very good specialist and has to be able to prioritize because we live in cruel times,
if i could pay for tx out of my own pocket that visit would have gone completely opposite way but because i can't he was hoping he could deter me and wouldn't have to put me on the bill, that he would later have to explain himself about,
i feel sorry for him that he has to make those kind of decisions because i know if he could he would want to help everyone that comes to see him,
he wouldn't have sent me 1st appointment letter in the first place if he didn't,
that's why Dear Heppy i want him to tx me, because i know in his care i would have the best chances to get rid of you


Nanakoosa said...

Wow, yeah, that's about it on the bottom line. I'm really lucky to have a doc who is very personable and supportive. Of course he's a clinic employee and not an administrator, so most of his patients are on public assistance insurance anyway. His nursing staff is very good at getting payments authorized for things that often require a lot of ass kissing and hoop jumping.
Your statements about running a business ring true, but when did healthcare become a business as opposed to a public service, a civil right? I'm crabby today so I could go on but I won't. I do hope you get the treatment and the respect you deserve along with it!

Anonymous said...

very generous of you anna and a pragmatic perspective. some may call me a socialistic / idealist or other such "insult" but there is a moral imperative here to both manage a well run over-all service and to put the needs of the patients both collectively and individually first. let's remember it is the patients / tak payers/ general public's money that pays for all this. therefore he is our employee and should be mindful of that. monetary concerns aside, he has no right to manipulate patient and system by presenting "facts" or evidence in a distoeted manner. a patient may vote with their feet believe me ..... were a person to take themself to another clinic or hospital (right to choose) then the funding would go with them..... in the long run he would then have a lot of explaining to do to his board of directors. if complaints were made against these sort of consultants then questions would be asked. he works for you anna. be polite but firm and assertive - you have rights. (I realise you know all this - but for others maybe new to the role of patient.) if the general public accept that this is how consultants will go about things ... then indeed this IS how consultants will continue to go about things. (love from me in social justice mode! xx eva)

Nanakoosa said...

Yes! Thank you for your post! I've been reminding people recently that doctors work for US, not the other way around. Even if someone is on public assistance we are ALL taxpayers. Anyone who pays rent, makes purchases, drives a car is a taxpayer. I get called the "S" word-Socialist, often, I will wear the title with Pride as long as it means that people are more important than profit.
I'm also an avid letter writer, if I have concerns about the way I've been treated, I will let someone know in a professional and mature manner. By the way I usually write a nasty unprofessional letter first just to get my anger out, ha ha. Of course those don't get sent, they're for therapeutic purposes!