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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dear Heppy,
yesterday i have collected my blood test results.
hb, plats, neuts etc; are all nicely within the norm.
thyroid is in the norm as well.
in lipid panel, HDL is raised double the norm but the rest is fine--i will have a search to find out what that means, and if i should worry.
glucose has gone down even more, which delights me.
now only the LFTs pose a slight worry, as ALT and AST have nearly doubled since last july and both are elevated above the norm.
in the light of this i intend to take another test in mid july to see how the two are going to behave; especially that last thursday i got the date of my visit to st james' clinic in dublin for 04.08.

for comparison, i have created a separate stand-alone page with the detailed data on my previous and current blood test results, which can be found as a tab called "blood results" at the top of blog page.

maybe after all, Dear Heppy, you are only young and just beginning to do the damage?

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